Happy Easter wishes to everyone!

Happy Easter wishes to everyone!

happy easter wishes to everyone! Happy Easter wishes to everyone!

′′ Annibal Carracci, Resurrection of Christ, 1593, Museum du Louvre, Paris ".

In the upper part of the canvas, Christ risen is surrounded by an angelic line while with the left he supports a cross banner.

Among the clouds that support angels radiate a warm supernatural light that contrasts with the brumous and twilight atmosphere of the remaining part of the background.

Christ sobs himself above the sepulchre which, to emphasize the ongoing miracle, is closed and sealed by a cartoucher still intact.

A soldier, second floor in the center of composition, indicates to a man in turban the stunning detail of the intact seal.

Another soldier even sleeps on the tombstone, resting all his weight on it, further evidence of the wonder of the Lord's Resurrection.

In the lower part of the canvas, other guards react differently to the event they're witnessing: some of the damage to escape, while another one still sleeps unaware of the miracle.

4 Апреля 2021

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